About Joe

That’s me, Joe Latter. I love that photo for many reasons. Partly one, because I look pretty good in it. But more importantly, every time I see it, I’m transported back to that remote beach in Mexico. The sound and smell of the ocean, the crunchy sand between my toes, the cool water and warm sun on my skin. Great photos are meant to trigger emotions and memories so that you can feel yourself in them all over again. That, in essence, is what we strive to do. Our goal is to create amazing images that lock in those feelings from the day you said I do, or snuggled with your newborn or just had a romantic evening with your spouse. Good images will tell you a story, great images will let you feel that story forever.

Photography for me has always been more about who I am instead of something I do and I’m grateful that it has taught me to search for and recognize beauty everywhere I go. My camera has taken me around the world and allowed me to be a part of so many once in a lifetime, very intimate moments, and I feel privileged to be invited in to share these moments with my clients. Thank you for your interest in our work and I look forward to creating beutiful images for you.

~ Joe

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